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"Fukrey 3 Boycott Trend Emerges on Twitter!"- What happened?

“Fukrey 3 Boycott”

The forthcoming Bollywood film Fukrey 3 is being transacted by some netizens on Twitter, following controversial reflections made by actress Richa Chadha. 


 Chadha, who plays one of the supereminent places in Fukrey 3, had twittered in support of Indian Army Lieutenant General Upendra Dwivedi, who had said that the Indian Army is prepared to take back Pakistan-enthralled Kashmir( PoK). 


 Still, some netizens took offense to Chadha’s tweet, criminating her of being”anti-national” and” Islamophobic.” They’ve called for a boycott of Fukrey 3, and the hashtag#BoycottFukrey3 has been trending on Twitter. 


 Chadha has since apologized for her tweet, but the boycott calls have continued. It’s unclear how important of an impact the boycott will have on the film’s performance at the box office. (For more click)