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IRCTC Food Order: Order food first, pay later here! IRCTC launched new facility at 150 stations.

In the modern era, acquiring food while traveling by train has become remarkably convenient. Many trains now feature pantry cars. Additionally, for trains without onboard dining options or for passengers opting out of train meals, there’s the alternative of ordering food from external restaurants. This service is facilitated by the IRCTC app, which offers this functionality. Notably, even prominent brands like Domino’s have ventured into delivering pizzas to passengers on moving trains.

A recent and commendable initiative by IRCTC has caught the attention. Under this novel program, passengers who pre-book meals are not required to make instant payments. Instead, they are afforded the flexibility to settle the payment at a later time. This innovative step is the result of a partnership between IRCTC’s food aggregator, Zoop, and the payment gateway app, Simple.

This groundbreaking endeavor allows passengers to easily request food while the train is en route, eliminating the need for immediate payments. The bill for the meal is sent directly to the passenger’s account upon meal delivery. Subsequently, passengers can conveniently make the payment at their convenience. The primary goal behind this initiative by IRCTC is to minimize cash-on-delivery transactions. Reports indicate a 4% reduction in cash-on-delivery orders after the introduction of this feature, accompanied by a noteworthy 19% increase in daily order volume.

Speaking of Zoop, it is a subsidiary of IRCTC. This food aggregator operates across 150 stations, catering to pre-booked orders. Such orders involve delivering food to the passenger’s seat at the designated station, given that the booking was made in advance. An impressive aspect of this service is the freedom to choose a preferred restaurant. Zoop currently partners with 2000 restaurants, offering the choice between immediate payment or cash on delivery. However, the collaboration with Simple has now introduced the option for passengers to postpone payment.

To avail of this service, individuals can visit or download the Zoop app. Subsequently, they can input their PNR number and select the desired restaurant for ordering food. The newly introduced “Simple: Pay After Delivery” option can then be selected. The ordered food is subsequently delivered at the designated station, and the corresponding bill will be reflected in the individual’s Simple Account.