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Janmashtami festival organized in ISKCON today

Janmashtami festival organized in ISKCON 7th and 8th

In the village of Damodar, situated along the Jasidih-Deoghar main road, ISKCON (International Society for Krishna Consciousness) Deoghar’s head, Srinivas Gopal Das Prabhu, recently hosted a question and answer program. The purpose of this event was to share insights from discussions that had taken place over the past two weeks on the Bhagwat (Bhagavat) scriptures.

During this interactive session, various devotees posed questions related to the Bhagwat discussions, and Srinivas Gopaldas Prabhu provided clear and concise answers. Additionally, a special discussion was held during the program, focusing on topics such as the slaying of Kansa (Kansa Vadh) and the celebration of Nandotsav.

As the program neared its end, local boys and girls enthusiastically participated in various cultural activities. The event concluded with the distribution of Prasad (sanctified food offerings).

Furthermore, on Wednesday at ISKCON Deoghar, various activities took place, including a quiz on Shrimad Bhagwat Katha, a presentation of the Sakshi Gopal Drama, a performance of the Radha Raman Dance, a portrayal of the Kali Duswapna Drama, and the rendition of the Achyutam Keshavam song.

The leader of ISKCON in Deoghar also announced that they would be organizing the Janmashtami festival on Thursday, September 7. Additionally, on Friday, September 8, they will celebrate Nanda Utsav and the birthday of ISKCON’s founder, Acharya HG Srila Prabhupadaji.