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Two passengers succumb, while six others fall unwell aboard the Patna-Kota Express train, as stated by Indian Railways

2 Passengers Die, 6 Fall Ill On Board Patna-Kota Express ……..

During the journey of the Kota-Patna Express (13237) from Varanasi to Mathura on Sunday, a distressing incident unfolded where two passengers lost their lives due to health complications, while six additional individuals fell seriously sick. A quick distress call reached the railway authorities in Agra, alerting them about the deteriorating health condition of passengers on the train. The train eventually pulled in at Agra Cantt station on Sunday evening.

The unfortunate passengers were voyaging in the non-air-conditioned sleeper coach, designated as S-2. While the exact reason for their demise is yet to be determined, several members of the same group, to which the deceased were a part, reported feeling unwell.

Prashasti Srivastava, the spokesperson for the Agra Division of the North Central Railways, disclosed, “Agra officials were notified about the worsening health situation of passengers on the Kota-Patna Express (13237) last Sunday. The concerned individuals belonged to a group led by a team leader from Chhattisgarh. This group was traveling from Varanasi to Mathura.”

Upon the train’s arrival at Agra Cantt railway station, rapid medical response teams were mobilized. Passengers exhibiting symptoms such as nausea and vomiting were immediately relocated for medical care. Sadly, one elderly woman had already passed away, and a male passenger lost his battle while receiving treatment in Agra.

It is important to note that the precise cause behind these tragic incidents is under investigation. Preliminary reports underline the discomfort experienced by multiple members of the affected group during the journey on the Kota-Patna Express (13237) last Sunday.