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'SCAM 2003: The Telgi Story'- A SONY OTT Show That Will Leave You Speechless!"

SCAM 2003: The Telgi Story


Get ready to embark on a trip into the ocean of deception and conspiracy as SONY OTT unveils its rearmost suspenser,’ Fiddle 2003 The Telgi Story.’ In this absorbing exposé, the ignominious phony reproach that rocked India in 2003 takes center stage, promising observers an undressed look at one of the nation’s most notorious crimes. Join us as we reveal what makes this SONY OTT show an absolute must-have- watch, and why it’s creating ripples of excitement in the world of streaming entertainment. 


 The Telgi Chronicles A Tale of Crime & Corruption At the heart of Fiddle 2003 The Telgi Story’ lies the enigmatic figure of Abdul Karim Telgi, a felonious architect whose audacious phony scheme came India’s biggest reproach. Telgi’s rise to ignominy, the intricate web of dishonesty he wove, and the grim pursuit of justice make for a narrative that’s as shocking as it’s watching


 Premise :

 It follows the real-life story of Abdul Karim Telgi who was involved in the 2003 stamp paper counterfeiting reproach worth INR 32,000 crores( approx). 



 The Canvas of Deception: In 2003, Telgi’s conglomerate atrophied, and India witnessed the unraveling of a phony reproach of stunning proportions. This SONY OTT show paints a pictorial picture of the reproach, immersing observers in the world of fake prints and documents, political conspiracy, and a grim chase that gauged the nation. 

 An Astral Cast & Crew’ Fiddle 2003′ boasts an ensemble cast that includes( Lead Actor’s Name) in the part of Abdul Karim Telgi. Their important performances, coupled with the visionary direction, bring to life the complex characters and the pressure-filled narrative, making it a stint de force in streaming entertainment. 


 Cast :

  •  Gagan Dev Riar as Abdul Karim Telgi 
  •  Kirandeep Kaur 
  •  Hemang Vyas as Kaushal Jhaveri 
  •  Mukesh Tiwari as Suryapratap Gehlot 
  •  Talat Aziz as Shaukat 
  •  Sana Amin Sheikh as Nafisa 
  •  Bharat Jadhav as Durgesh Bharade 
  •  Shaad Randhawa 
  •  Shashank Ketkar as Jayant Karmarkar aka JK 
  •  Nikhil Ratnaparkhi as Advocate Ganesh Kamble 
  •  Dinesh Lal Yadav as Pramod Jaisingh 
  •  Sameer Dharmadhikari as Tukaram 
  •  Bharat Dabholkar as Jadhav 
  •  Bhavana Balsavar as Garima Talpade 
  •  Mohd Yusuf Khan as Suleiman 
  •  Nandu Madhav as Inspector Madhukar Dombe 
  •  Kirandeep Kaur as bar cotillion Parveen